Stealth UK - Fitness & Martial Arts Centre - Coalville & Hathern, Leicestershire, Strength Forge

February Grading 2020

Students of all ages from Stealth Fitness Centres in Coalville and Hathern put their skills to the test on Saturdayas they graded for their new belts/badges.
Little Ninjas (ages 3-4) had their memory, co ordination and listening skills tested in order to be awarded with their new coloured badge. We are immensely proud of the Little Ninjas who graded and took one step further to Black Badge.
Our Ninja Warrior, Junior and Cadet gradings were jam packed with more than 50 students showing us they had what it takes to earn their next belts. Stealth belts are never just given to our students – they must be earned! Every child from age 5 to 11 did themselves and their parents proud.
During the gradings for ages 7+, students must perform set amounts of push ups, sit ups and burpees in order to attain their new belt. In doing this, they are demonstrating that they have improved and practised since their last grading and can continue to do so until they reach Black Belt. The older and more advanced you are, the more expertises and fitness tests you will have to do.
We would like to give a special mention to the Adults and Ladies Only who graded on Saturday. Each and every one of you were pushed to your limits and came out on top – so well done!
Remember the next grading is on March 14th, if you didn’t grade this time, it may well be time for you to next time!
See you in class!
The Stealth Coaches.

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