Stealth UK - Fitness & Martial Arts Centre - Coalville & Hathern, Leicestershire, Strength Forge

How new COVID Rules affect Stealth UK

Stealth Fitness Centre - Stealth UK - Fitness & Martial Arts Centre - Coalville & Hathern, Leicestershire, Strength Forge

Important Announcement 

After taking advice from the government we believe that Gyms, Leisure Centres, Dance classes, Martial Arts classes that operate as a business, and comply with Covid Laws are fine to carry on with enhanced measures in place. As a sport, we train and practice as individuals in a socially distanced and Covid secure manner. It is currently our understanding therefore that this rule of six does not apply to kickboxing/Karate classes.

As a result of the new announcement, and to minimise the possibility of transmission even further, we have no alternative but to enforce further measures.

Effective immediately

• Parents/members to inform instructors in advance if not attending sessions
• Parents/members to inform instructors if required to self-isolate
• Parents/members to inform instructors if a positive test is confirmed
• If at all unwell (any illness) please do not attend
• Que OUTSIDE (2M apart where possible) before class, until directed to enter the building by a member of staff. DO NOT ENTER BEFORE
• Face masks are to be worn whilst waiting and transitioning through reception, they may be removed if desired to begin training Reception is NOW CLOSED for spectators/Parents with the reception of new introductions who may accompany children for the first few classes
• Reception is open to purchase take away drinks & confectionary
• Please do not park in the car park between 4-6 pm this is to minimise the risk of potential accidents, there are lots of young children queuing.
• We politely ask parents to wait outside in their cars and not congregate in the car park (this also applies to the ladies class who seem to spend hours in the car park after class)
• Use the sanitiser provided on the entry and exit of the building.
• Please vacate the premises in an orderly and socially distanced manner.

We will continue to ensure hygiene protocols are in place including cleaning all equipment in between sessions and spraying the facility with an antiviral. 

Whilst we realise these measures may seem extreme to some, it really is not down to us. We HAVE TO (now by law) take every possible safety precaution, not only to overt any unnecessary fines but also to do our bit to drop the National infection rate and try and get us back to some sort of normality asap.

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