Stealth UK - Fitness & Martial Arts Centre - Coalville & Hathern, Leicestershire, Strength Forge

Spartan Forge Powerlifting Comp

Sunday saw yet another successful competitive weightlifting event at Coalville’s Spartan Forge. Our annual Push/Pull Competition saw men and women compete in two powerlifting events; The Bench Press and The Deadlift. Competitors from gyms across the county took part and some amazing feats of strength were on display.

The Bench press event saw top lifts of 150kg in the men’s category and a top deadlift of 270kg. We were lucky enough to be graced some absolute amazing talent! The women’s category was equally as exciting with top lifts of 80kg in the bench event and 140kg in the deadlift event. Coach Corey Northwood was particularly happy with two of his own athletes Sarah Tebbett & Sammi Woodward getting 2nd & 3rd in the female division, he said “the girls have only been involved in strength training for just over a year and their progress has been phenomenal”.

Strength Coach George Taylor said “as well as offering small group coached sessions or gym is becoming very well known on the lifting circuit, attracting many competitors from gyms across the region. They are growing in popularity with each one we host, and we welcome and encourage anyone to take part especially new lifters.

So….keep your eyes on The Spartan Forge and watch out for future events. There’s much more to come.

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